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A large assortment of grocery Items

Sara’s offers an exotic mixture of beans, legumes and grains that serve as a perfect compliment to any Mediterranean-themed dish. We also carry  olive oil from Italy, Greece, Spain ..we even have olive oil from countries as far away as Lebanon and Palestine. Sara’s also offers a wide selection of pickles as well as additional, specialty pickled items like peppers, turnips, beets and other veggies (just to name a few).


Sara’s has quite a beverage selection. Choose from an array of nectars like mango, guava or jallab, or perhaps pick out one of our mineral waters – natural, sparkling and flavored mineral waters are available. Sara’s has shelves and shelves (oh my!) of jams, jellies and preserves bound to tempt your tastebuds. Just like our preserves, we have shelves busting with ready-to-eat canned items, like beans, hummus and dolmas.