Our Story

From the beginning, we have made it our number one priority to provide top quality products, as well as put our customers first

Sara’s Market and Bakery has been a family owned and operated business since we first opened our doors in 1998.

Sara’s Market and Bakery originally opened as a bakery producing fresh, oven-baked pita, and as the demand for our pita grew, so did requests to bring in additional, Mediterranean-influenced grocery items. With this growth, we knew that we needed take the same approach in providing groceries as we did with our pita; all items sold at our store must always be fresh, high-quality and fairly priced.

To accomplish this, we hand-selected vendors for each of our grocery departments that we believe paired wholly with our high standards.

The meats that we offer are certified Zabiha Halal, and pass through the highest levels of inspection.

Nothing we sell was ever treated with anti-biotics or given hormones, and all animals were raised humanely and hand-slaughtered. We hold our produce to the same, high-standards. We purchase from local farms, and offer a large volume of fresh, natural items. Our continued relationship with wholesome vendors allows us to provide for our customers a one-of-a-kind market experience.

Many of our customers are our friends, our relatives or our neighbors …and those who aren’t, we treat as family anyway. Here at Sara’s we want all those who enter our door to feel as if they were sitting at our dinner table. Everyone is our guest.

Past, present and future, Sara’s will continue to provide to our customers a high-quality product at a reasonable, “petite” price. Additionally, we strive to offer honest, one-of-a-kind service, with a friendly face every time you, the customer, pays us a visit.

At Sara’s Market Bakery, we are not in business just to sell, but are in business to satisfy the needs of our customers and our surrounding community.

At Sara’s, we run our business with a conscience. What we serve, is what we eat.